Just to be upfront I don't have anything against Megatokyo. While I think as a webcomic it fails pretty miserably, in book collection Megatokyo can be a guilty pleasure. Plus I've met Fred and his wife Sarah and they are very vice people, so I don't want to give them too much of a hard time. I do want to point to this comic that was uploaded yesterday, as it just feels wrong. To understand why this comic rubbed me the wrong way we have to go back to the very first strip, where Fred just the artist and Rodney Caston was the writer. Back then the comic strip was produced in a four panel gag-strip format, with the last strip being the punchline. For this format Rodney was "the man," delivering funny strip after funny strip. Then the comic changed to a manga style page format, though Rodney still delivered the funny.

Then Fred bought out the franchise and the strip isn't NEARLY as funny as it used to be! I'm not going to say that's a bad thing (though I prefer funny), it's just Fred's talent comes not from writing comedy but from writing average romantic triangle stories. Occasionally he tries to write funny but it just doesn't work. This comic though especially doesn't work though because it's in the format Rodney used to write. As such it instantly brings back memories of "the old days." And not only is the comic not funny, but it comes off as a little sad. I know it was unintentional, but it is. Here's hoping Fred doesn't do this again and just sticks with what he does best. On a side note though did you know that Rodney is on the Texas ballot for Libertarian Party of Texas? He's running for Constable of Collin County, Pct 3. Holy cow!

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Anonymous said…
It's a common misconception that Fred was merely Rodney's art monkey. They were co-writers all along.