Penny Arcade Is On The Mark (Again)

A heads up: This will be more of a politcal rant then a comic rant. With that out of the way let's continue. I'm not a fan of Digital Rights Management (DRM). I think it's a cheap, underhanded, unethical abuse of power. And keep in mind, I'm not a thief. I only buy legally legitimate CD's, movies, video games, and comic books (why people can stand to read chapter after chapter of Naruto on their moniter is beyond me). It's a princible I have, I can't help it. One thing I will not stand for though is being treated like a thief before I even buy the product.

Such is the case with Electronic Art's new game "Spore," which is the subject Penny Arcade is ridiculing today. "Spore" was released with a special form of DRM that allowed a maximum of three installations per computer. I don't need to elaborate why this is bad. Just read one of the many one star reviews of the game at if you're not sure why this is bad. But it is. Trust me. Thankfully, PA gets the silliness of the situation, and they do what they do best: Bring on the funny.

Just for the record I have not bought "Spore," will not buy "Spore," and if I ever need a registration code to read my comics...well, at that point I'll give up the hobby. So if any of those publishing companies are reading this make a note: You have been warned.

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