To Tell You The Truth I Still Like Pokemon

This isn't an editorial; this is a recommendation. If you haven't read the new webcomic by Video Game Cats creater Scoot Canadia then I suggest you do. The comic is called "Super Effective," and it's basically a spoof of the classic Pokemon Game Boy games. And when I say Game Boy I'm not talking about Game Boy Advance or the Nintendo DS. I'm talking about the good old fasioned, black and white, classic Game Boy. The point of the series is to be a loving tribute to the game while pointing out it's rather, uh...shall we say interesting gameplay elements. The reason the comic works so well is that it doubles as both a spoof for people who hate Pokemon and nostalgia for fans of the franchise. The only thing I'm not sure of is how kids of the franchise today will react to this. The Pokemon games in many ways are very much the same as they were yesterday, but at the same time they are in many ways very different. I think the Mystery Dungeon games don't even resemble the original premise of the games. Still, Scoot has done some really funny stuff for VGC and I look forward to seeing the future of this promising comic.

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