"Dragonball: Evolution" Trailer

So here is the trailer for the Dragon Ball movie...the REAL trailer, not that toy manufacture one that was made for promotional sponsers! No, this is the trailer Fox is going to have in front of all the movies. My take: It's better then the last one. At least now I'm not dreading it in the same way I was when I saw the unofficial cut. Now, keep in mind, I'm still not sure this is going to be very good. I hope it is, but I think fans will need to realize that this is going to be an American take on the story, and that it will be more of an adaptation then a literal telling of Toriyama's classic. I at least have respect that they decided to start at the beginning rather then start at the Z arcs. Of course, if Fox wants to build a franchise, this decision makes perfect sense.

I'm not sure why they decided to rename the film from "Dragonball" to "Dragonball: Evolution" (which sounds like a perfect name for the sequel), but oh well. Bottom line: I hope for a good film but I'm not expecting much.

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