Kurtz To Syndicates: Grow Up

Okay, so he didn't EXACTLY say that! In fact, despite what my headline might suggest, there has been no mention of the newspaper syndicates that Scott Kurtz ("PVP") so obviously hates, but his commentary has been all over this weeks absolutely brilliant spoof of "Watchmen." Here is a storyline that takes every syndicated comic strip in the newspaper, making them look a little like the Watchmen characters, and using them to rally against the hands that feed them. Dagwood Bumsted is contemplating his lousy life of spending 70 years eating sandwhiches and taking naps. He even remembers the time when he first married Blondie, and how his wealthy family disowned him for marrying below his class. Yes folks: "Blondie" was once ABOUT something! Nowadays it's just what Dagwood says: Naps and food. Heck, the comic hasn't really been about the title characters for years (she plays second fiddle to her husband now).

Charlie Brown points out that they are protecting the editors from what they fear most: Letters. This is an important part of the argument because newspapers are traditionally read by old folks. People who are, not out of touch per se, but they certainly don't like change. To take away a favorite character they are used to reading would be like amputating an arm, and most of these older folks won't put up with it. This is a brave storyline. Funny only in the sense that it's all so tradgicly true. I hope Scott gets to finish this storyline. Chances are people will be talking about this one loud and clear, and the sundicates lawyers might not like what they see. Here's hoping you make it to the end Scott. Here's hoping...

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