More thoughts on The Batman

Since we've done two posts in a row about Batman, I decided to write one more, this time concerning the canceled TV show.

The Batman was a queer duck to come out of Time Warner after Batman Beyond, Justice League, and Static Shock. It had a Joker with long hair, a black policeman becoming Clayface, and a Batgirl who preceded Robin.
This could've been a great masterpiece, but the TV writers didn't know how to structure a solid season. The new Barbara Gordon, now a teenager to avoid romantic tension, didn't have an important role as "freelancer". The third season finale didn't even involve her, but rather Dr. Hugo Strange and his evil computer.
During the fourth season, Robin and Harley Quinn got their premiere episodes. However, these episodes seemed to be remakes of the classic Batman series rather than the new version's creativity.
I'm not sure how Batman: Brave and The Bold will be, but I do hope that they add both creativity and awesome storytelling.

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