Shout! Factory Delays BluRay for "Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna"

I was looking forward to seeing "Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna" in theaters a month or so ago.  I've seen most of the licensed Digimon movies in theaters.  While I was too young to realize what a bad hack of a dub "Digimon: The Movie" was, the 'Digimon tri.' series was a faithful dub of an intriguing continuation of a kids show that took seriously the fact that the target audience had grown up.  The upcoming "Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna" was looking to follow that tradition while giving a sense of finality to the original cast (before they decided to, you know...reboot the thing).  We even got a taste of what we were getting on Toei's official YouTube channel...

However, then the world went to hell and the theatrical release was cancelled in favor of sending the title direct-to-DVD.  A disappointing outcome, but the circumstances were outside of the companies control (and I still remember a time when NO anime films were sent to theaters in the US, so to have virtually all of them get a big screen release is still a major win as far as I'm concerned).  However it appears the DVD/BluRay release has been delayed because of a "production problem."  Chances are it's because the warehouse making the disks is shut down for the time being (DVD's aren't exactly an "essential business" if you know what I mean).  I understand why this happened.  That said, since the DVD has been delayed...could we possibly get a theatrical release for the film now?  I'm sure the theaters are starving for content and I would certainly like to see it in theaters still.  Pretty please, Shout! Factory?!

Your Comic Book Guy - Kevin

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