The Comic Book is Now Your Comic Book!

Oh's been a LOOONNNGGGG time since I've updated this thing! Almost ten years to be exact!  But I'm back...for the moment anyway.  So as many of you know, currently the world is going through a pandemic.  That means we all have had a lot of time to stay indoors, get chores done, and catch up on old habits that we long since abandoned.  During this shutdown I re-picked up two hobbies that I had largely abandoned: Comic books and blogging.  Now, granted, most of my blogging could more realistically be called 'private journalism,' as very few of these posts actually made it to print.  That said, I've been writing more and more recently, which makes me feel like my old self again.  During one of the writings I lamented about the old days I wrote for The Comic Book, and I wondered where I would be in life if I didn't give that site up.

I came to the conclusion it was likely too late for the site to really make a difference anymore, but I also realized that I've been reading more comics than ever before.  I also realized that while the internet is crowded with pundits and commentators out there, the vast majority of articles and YouTube videos are about the business of comics and not the actual comics themselves.  It made me realize that even if no one reads, it would be nice to have a blog where the quality of the series themselves take center stage (where major news events would be discussed as a secondary topic).  So while I can't promise that I'll be returning to the comics scene full time, I do believe I want to at the very least dip my toe back in the pond.  Maybe the toe will turn into a foot, and before you know it I might be swimming once more!

I mean, a lot has changed since I last updated this thing.  I moved to Southern California.  I established not one, not two, not, three, but FOUR YouTube channels (two of which have active subscribers and viewers)!  I'm married now.  I read more digital comics through subscriptions than I do in print.  Heck, as strange as it sounds, I've sold a huge chunk of my comics, and have only kept personal favorites.  I'm a VERY different person now than I was back then!  That said, I still love the images, the stories, and the feel of the paper in my hands.  I still revisit favorite visual literature books I own.  What's more, comic books are much more widely accepted by the general public these days, so I might actually be able to talk about this site with people in my inner circle!  In the coming weeks there may be some changes.  Certainly the logo will need to be updated.  Whether this turns into another three year passion project or ends as a brief fling, I say: Screw it, let's read some comic books!

Your Comic Book Guy - Kevin

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