You Won't See Garfield This Frisky

Several months ago Scott Kurtz shook up his fans when he decided to write Skull out of the series. I don't think he ever intended to keep Skull out of the strip permanently (those Skull plushies continue to sell pretty decently I hear), but he did write a compelling reason for Skull to walk off the set. Basically he was a guardian angel of sorts to Brent, who was supposed to help guide him to a better life. Once Brent married Jade the powers-that-be decided that his job was done. The cast argued but didn't have the strenth to fight a possessed statue, so they let him go. They promised to one day find a way to bring Skull back though.

Or would they?

The uneven brick in the foundation was Skull's pet cat Scratch (think of a feline version of Stewie Griffin), whose spent most of the series trying to take over the world. Once in awhile we see glimpses that he is good, but for the most part he causes trouble. Well it looks like Scratch really DOES love Skull, and can't function really well without him! So he's taking matters into his own hands and bringing Skull back himself. I'm not sure if this was the way I was thinking Skull would come back. Personally I thought we'd be waiting a year or two before seeing him again. But this unexpected twist does show that Kurtz still has the element of surprise up his sleeve, and I look forward to see where this storyline heads.

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