The Ones that Got Away

A few posts ago I talked about the good animated shows out there.
Now I have to come to the not-so-ones. Fortunately I have only seen a few, but my God, they had so much potential!
Here are the list of half-dead zeppelins:
1) American Dragon Jake Long- Disney at times can still produce the best and the worst ideas. We have a half-Chinese high-schooler asked to watch over America's magic-folk. The show had some interesting plot points, such as Jake's crush Rose, who has to slay him as her alter ego Huntsgirl and Mr. Long's ignorance about his son's double life, but the writers decided to rely mostly on laughs and put in plot elements that you could foresee a mile away.

Lesson learned: In a superhero show, one cannot rely entirely on laughs; and a good story matters the most. Kim Possible also suffered from this, but I digress.

2) WordGirl- This PBS heroine is Supergirl with a mental dictionary. That's why she's called WordGirl. The problem with this show is that the writers want the viewers to assume that everyone else in the show is an idiot, as they can't figure out that Becky Botsford, whose Freudian slips rival Superman's, is the same hero flying around. Also, the writers rely too much on laughs and do not care for putting our dear protagonist in real danger most of the time.
Come on. When we ask for a superhero story, we expect genuine action. If The Magic School Bus could show a dinosaur going after eight-year olds, then WordGirl should at least fight a villain who is actually dangerous.

Lesson learned: Viewers are not stupid, give us real conflicts that are resolved in a plausible way, and please do not blatantly make fun of the superheroes.

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