Stan Lee Trends on Twitter (For the Right Reasons)

It's been difficult to write about comics these days.  Can you blame me?  I've started several articles that linger on my dashboard unfinished.  I have no doubt I'll eventually finish them, but it seems like a bad time to be writing about comic books and animation.  Does anyone even care?  Despite the fact that stories matter (and I've been comforted quite a bit by comics I've been making time to read since the pandemic started) it feels insufficient and trite to be writing about doodles and gag strips when the world is being torn apart so much.  I watch the YouTube commentators and read the occasional article on my Twitter feed and look at what I do as pointless.  Something that was trending on Twitter today was the one and only Stan Lee, who was such a big part of my life it still seems weird to think he's no longer with us.  When I saw that he was trending I was afraid someone was going to being up an old comment, an old interview, or something he said that was politically incorrect in order to "cancel" him (Good bit of advice to people who want to make a name for themselves: You NEVER want to be trending on Twitter!).

I was correct that a section of an old interview resurfaced on the internet.  In the interview Stan is talking to Larry King (a legend in his own field), and Larry asked Stan what he would change in the world.  Rather than retype what his response was, I figured it would be best to just share the video in question:

I!  Just wow!  First of all, I'm happy that when an old interview is dug up, it wasn't because someone was trying to cancel someone else.  The second thing is those words...those words cut DEEP!  It is an honest plea from a good man who helped create many of our favorite superheroes.  He used his characters to not only fight fantastical villains, he used his characters to speak against hate.  He used his characters to speak against injustices.  He used his characters to emphasize with the world.  What's is fascinating when I watch that video and listen to Stan's hopes, I realize that while he couldn't wave a wand and make hate disappear on his own, through his characters he made a difference in how we relate with each other.  Anyone who's been to a comic book convention will say many things about it: There's cool stuff to buy, it's fun meeting creators, the lines sure are long...but what gets ignored sometimes is the convention attendees themselves.

People who walk different paths in life.  They have different political beliefs, different religions, and different skin colors.  Yet every year people from all these different walks of life come together, break bread, and sit in panel rooms all because of one thing: They love comic books.  Stan Lee created some of the most iconic comic book characters EVER!  And these characters have been bringing people together, inspiring different people to talk and collaborate, and discover lifelong friends in the process!  All while being as different as you could possibly imagine!  Look, when it comes to American comics and superhero movies I've made it clear that the genre gets stale.  I wish new things would be created rather than leaning on old tropes.  However...I can't deny that those superheroes bring people together.  They are responsible for creating many friendships, speaking out against injustices, and inspiring kids to do good!  Once in awhile it's good to be reminded of that!

Thanks Stan!

Your Comic Book Guy - Kevin

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