Squidi Is Back

Or, more importantly, Squidi has finally uploaded a new comic of his unfinished serial "A Modest Destiny: Prophecies of the Demon King." For those who don't know what "A Modest Destiny" is it's basically a sprite comic (or if you prefer pixel comic) that started out as a humorous adventure that turned into a serious fantasy. The author, whose pen name is Squidi, has changed the tone of the comic several times. The first episode was basically one long sitcom. Entertaining but mostly disposible. The second epic was also mostly a sitcom, but it refocused on developing side characters while throwing hints to an epic third act later. Episode three came along and all bets were off: Pixel backgrouds were replaced with handrawn backgrounds, characters were more fully developed, and the set up was beginning to pay off. It wasn't a complete success but, darn it, at least he was trying something new.

Sadly, only a few comics into episode 4 Squidi shut down his site, for numorous reasons I won't bother to name here. Since then he's stayed away from comics, prefering to blog about various things from politics, to religion, to video games. Most of his opinions I don't agree with, but that's besides the point (I'm sure he doesn't agree with all of mine). The point is "A Modest Destiny" is back. And while the return comic may not exactly be the grand return you'd hope for it to be, I'm looking forward to seeing the remaining comics posted and the story finally finish. Besides, regardless whether the final chapter works or not, I at least want to see Fluffy again.

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