Fan Who Brian Drummond Shamed on Twitter Speaks Out

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how former "Dragon Ball Z" voice actor Brian Drummond had a public spat with a fan who wanted nothing more than to give him a gift of appreciation on Twitter.  The whole story can be read here, but to sum it all up, things went south when Drummond publicly shamed the guy for personal beliefs he (assumed, it turns out) the fan had.  A couple days ago I had a chance to talk to the fan in question which resulted in a forty minute interview with 'Mr. Sarcasm' 9as he's known online).

Despite my attempts to contact Mr. Drummond for a comment, he has yet to do so (and blocked me on Twitter for attempting to write the story).  The invitation is still open not only for a comment, but for an interview if he wants to share his side of the story.  Seems unlikely, but I'm leaving that door open in case he changes his mind.

Your Comic Book Guy - Kevin

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